ADAPT Online Pilot Aptitude Testing

Private Pilot Licence

ADAPT Ab-initio Pilot Screening

Symbiotics has over 20 years of experience in Aviation, utilizing ADAPT testing and assessment programs to predict training outcomes and future employment success.

Symbiotics collaborates with White Star Aviation to provide robust and reliable assessment programs, ensuring success in training and recruitment.

Our Student Pilot Screening Assessment consists of 5 components:

  1. APQ Personality Assessment
  2. FAST
  3. Cognitive Reasoning
  4. Maths
  5. Physics

Symbiotics’ ADAPT Personality Questionnaire:

The ADAPT Personality Questionnaire is a proven tool for identifying individuals whose personal style best suits high-stakes roles in the aviation industry. Based on the Five Factor model of personality, it also identifies traits undesirable for these roles. The questionnaire can be customized to align with the national and organizational culture of the employer.

Recent changes in EASA regulations mandate psychological assessments for all pilots before commencing line-flying. Our personality questionnaire meets these requirements, identifying psychological traits and suitability of flight crew for the work environment, while minimizing negative interference with safe aircraft operation. We also recommend periodic mental health assessments using our MindQ™ and MindFull tools, recognizing that personality remains stable over time, but mental wellbeing can vary due to encountered stresses both at work and in personal life.


FAST is a comprehensive tool that assesses a test taker’s ability to handle multiple information sources simultaneously, replicating the intense and demanding work environment of pilots.

Cognitive Reasoning:

Our cognitive reasoning tests evaluate general intelligence and learning aptitude in environments with diverse information formats. The individual elements are tested separately, providing insights into strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, the test reports on Perceptual Speed and Accuracy through our testing methodology.

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