The instrument rating allows the holder to fly as pilot in command in a single or multi engine aircraft under the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), in conditions that would make visual flying (VFR) impractical allowing the pilot to fly without reference to the ground. You will also be qualified to operate at night under the Night VFR.

Instrument flying is a challenging, but hugely rewarding pursuit and once mastered, often becomes a pilot’s first preference over VFR flying operations.

Private IFR Rating


The aim of the course is to provide the student with the required skills, knowledge and attitudes to safely exercise the privileges of the multi-engine aeroplane class rating and Instrument rating. Flight training lessons include basic navaid orientation and tracking, Holding Patterns, Standard Instrument Departures, Instrument Approach 2d, Instrument Approach 3D, Night Visual Flight Rules navigation, En-route Instrument Flight Rules Navigation, Visual Approaches, Full and Limited panel Instrument Flight.

The course includes

The syllabus is based on approximately 36 hours in the aircraft and 22 hours in the simulator inclusive of the IR MEA flight test; however the time required to achieve competency will vary from student to student. Course hours may be reduced for students who have amassed more than 2 hours Instrument flight prior to commencement of the course and achieve standard in less than syllabus hours.


  • This course has been developed for students who hold a PPL (A) or CPL (A) with more than 50 hours Cross Country PIC and 2 hours IF of which not less than 1hr was completed in an aircraft. Prior to commencement you must also have passed your IREX (Instrument Rating Theory Exam).


  • Part-Time | 8 Weeks
  • Full-Time | 3 Weeks
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