Embark on an exhilarating journey to kickstart your aviation career through flight training. The demand for skilled pilots is set to surge, with an estimated 790,000 new pilots required worldwide in the next two decades, a significant portion of them in the thriving Asia-Pacific Region.

At White Star Aviation, we are dedicated to meeting this escalating demand by cultivating a robust pipeline of highly skilled and prepared pilots for the future.

If you’re eager to take flight as a pilot and want to stay informed about everything you need to know, we’ve got you covered!


Flight School White Star Aviation Ballina

CKAS MotionSim 1

The instructor has control over the flight simulator environment such as weather, positioning, malfunctions, as well as real-time tracking, flight recording, replay and data analysis.

World-leading Lockheed Martin Prepar 3D visual software is used for the scenery generation, with proprietary software supporting the flight model, acoustic environment, motion system and enhancing the visuals.

The CKAS MotionSim1 boasts high fidelity motion and realistic visuals making it the perfect platform to provide initial flight training saving hours in the aircraft and reducing the over-all costs of training.

Flight School White Star Aviation Ballina


We offer mentoring to all of our students, giving you the opportunity to not only learn the quintessential’s from industry experts but to have the chance, to acquire, a unique advantage point in your flight journey.

Exposure across all of our departments leads each student to receive a solid mix of practical, relevant experiences, unique to the aviation industry.

Pilot Training Theory


Our team of experienced ground and flight instructors lead regular part-time and full-time aviation ground school programs throughout the year.
Take the pain out of self study and join us in our purpose built training centre for a professionally constructed course of in-depth content presented through crisp, concise powerpoint shows. 
White Star Aviation Ground schools include: BAK, PPL, CPL, IREX.
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Our modern, custom built training and hangar facilities offer
students safe and private access to the airport runway environment and boasts:
  • Large, modern, well appointed reception
  • Fully functional kitchen
  • Handicap friendly washroom facilities
  • Dedicated Simulator training room
  • 12 seat classroom with data projector
  • Flight planning area, library and briefing spaces
  • Hangarage/parking for up to 8 aircraft


A380 CAPTAIN, Cliff Bedser

Cliff Bedser is a A380 Captain of one of Australia’s largest and most renowned airlines. Holding an ATPL CASA & FAA licence with endorsements on most Boeing and Airbus types, Cliff is a well-known and highly respected pilot of the commercial, general and RA Aus aviation industries.

Cliff offers mentoring to all of our students, giving you the opportunity to not only learn the quintessential’s from an industry expert but to have the chance, to acquire, a unique advantage point in your flight journey.

Flight Training Ballina Private Pilot Licence


Not sure where to start? Why not test your capabilities with our Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) and enjoy a 30 minute flying lesson with you at the controls! 

You’ll control an aircraft under the direct supervision of an instructor, following the same sequence as a normal instructional flight including, a pre-flight briefing, aircraft pre-flight inspection and the relevant air exercise. You’ll experience how the controls work when operating an aircraft as you perform basic turns, climbs and descents whilst flying.

Whether you’re an aspiring pilot, thrill seeker or aviation enthusiast, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. 

$156 +GST 

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