Flight Tests

Flight Training Examiner

* FIR all grades

Nathan offers the Australian General Aviation market a friendly, professional flight testing service for RPL, PPL, NVFR, CPL, Flight Instructor Rating (Grade 3, 2 and 1 Training endorsements along with Instrument and Multi engine class rating training endorsements) and Command Instrument Rating.  With 18 years of experience as a flight instructor, training and standards manager,  CFI, CP, ATO and Flight Training Examiner for CASA, Nathan will ensure every applicant  takes away far more than a mere pass or fail assessment.

Nathan's extensive understanding of competency based training, syllabus development and innovative training techniques has seen him travel both domestically and internationally providing consultancy services to flying schools, airlines and governments seeking the best possible solutions for tomorrow's pilot shortages.

Be the outcome a pass or a fail, Nathan believes a flight test brings to light possible continuous improvement opportunities.  Nathan offers the applicant a detailed de-briefing providing insight into perceived strengths and weaknesses in all areas of you performance.